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In this episode, Miss Catherine M.H. and V.E. Griffith celebrate ONE YEAR of the podcast! They discuss changes going forward, and look back a bit at what’s come before.

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V.E. Griffith’s website: https://www.vegriffith.com
Miss Catherine M.H.’s website: https://www.scribes-pen.com

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V.E. Griffith 00:00:00
Welcome to the Revision Wizards podcast. I’m V. E. Griffith, and I’m with my amazing co host, Ms. Catherine MH.

Miss Catherine M.H. 00:00:08
Wait, did you write out an intro?

V.E. Griffith 00:00:10
No, I didn’t.

V.E. Griffith 00:00:10
I was winging it.

Miss Catherine M.H. 00:00:11
Oh, okay.

Miss Catherine M.H. 00:00:12
Well, I guess thanks for being with us for a year then, guys. I mean, what the fuck are we still doing here? We did a lot already. So, like, we’ve done scene analysis, interviews with other authors and co hosts and coached a few people, talked about the three C’s. So think that about covers last year. So with season two, I guess, starting, Ve, why don’t you start us off, and what can people expect?

V.E. Griffith 00:00:45
Well, the first thing that we’ve decided is we’re going to do fewer scene analyses. If people want to request them and volunteer if people want to request them and volunteer their scenes, absolutely. We’ll be happy to help you, and we’ll be happy to do one, but that’ll be less of an emphasis. What else do we have on tap?

Miss Catherine M.H. 00:01:03
Oh, I think we’ve got some super exciting interviews coming up. Are we allowed to tell names yet or no.

V.E. Griffith 00:01:11
No, let’s keep it a secret. We want people to continue listening.

Miss Catherine M.H. 00:01:15
You’re driving me insane. Well, we have some pretty big shots coming onto our show here this year, so pay attention. They’re coming on real soon. I’m so excited for it. It’s so exciting. Other than that, let’s see. We’re also going to be doing more interviews of other editors. So if you know somebody that you definitely want us to try to reach out to, shoot us a message, we will attempt to get them onto our show. So, yeah, I think we’ve got a few other three story method editors we’re going to ask on. We’re going to be looking for other editors too, because editing is kind of fun. Well, mostly fun. I don’t know. VE, you think it’s fun?

V.E. Griffith 00:01:56
I love it. We have a bunch of editing specific topics coming up, so if you have a specific question that you want us to handle or to look at or to talk about, please feel free to get in touch with us. If you want to be on the show, absolutely. Get in touch with us. We’re always looking for folks who want to join us. Feel free to reach out. We’re available at revisionwizards.com. You can reach me at vegriffith.com. You can get Miss Catherine at scribes-pen.com.

Miss Catherine M.H. 00:02:25
Yeah, I mean, speaking of editing tips, I think we’re going to do an entire section on exactly what editing styles are. What? I mean, we know that the market’s changing. We know that things are changing, so why not give you guys an update, fresh understanding of exactly what editors do. Plus, we also do coaching stuff, so. It’S really cool to be able to show the differences between coaching and editing and all of these fun tips because. We’ve been doing this for quite a bit, and trust me, we’ve got some tips that I’m excited to share. I know VE is excited, but I’m excited. I like to share tips.

V.E. Griffith 00:03:06
I’m very excited. I’m looking forward to our second year. I really appreciate everybody’s support for our first 27 episodes. And I’m looking forward to the next one, to the next 27.

Miss Catherine M.H. 00:03:06
Yeah, so I don’t know, is there anything else that we’re going over? We’re doing we’ve got the interviews, we have the tips coming up. I feel like we’re missing something.

V.E. Griffith 00:03:33
I don’t think so. I don’t think so. Or if we are missing something, it’ll be a neat surprise.

Miss Catherine M.H. 00:03:40
Surprise for all of us.

V.E. Griffith 00:03:41
There you go.

Miss Catherine M.H. 00:03:43
I’ll just get a message and be like, we forgot this. And I’ll be like, okay, in case anybody needs to know, VE is the one who’s on top of all of this. He just sends me a message and is like, did you do this? And I’ll be like, oh shit. Sorry. Fuck no, I didn’t. And then I go do it. So yeah, he’s the organized one out of this ADHD couple thing we got.

V.E. Griffith 00:04:05
Going on spreadsheets for the win.

Miss Catherine M.H. 00:04:08
I can’t even keep up with them. He’s always like, check the spreadsheet. And I’m like, what spreadsheet? And he’s like, the one I mention every day. I’m like, right, sorry. We have more fun conversations coming up with our stuff because since this is a new year, we’ve decided that our updates are going to be per episode. So you’ll get to know us a little bit better as each episode comes out this time.

V.E. Griffith 00:04:35
Going on with that, we have also decided, at least for now, to close our patreon so you won’t hear us plug that every episode anymore. If you want to support us, get in touch and we’ll be happy to work something out with you. But we’ve gone ahead and paused our patreon for the moment. But we really appreciate everybody’s support over the past year. It’s really helped us out more than you know. But in a lot of ways we’ve gotten a lot of the startup costs worked out and done for the podcast and we really appreciate everybody’s help.

Miss Catherine M.H. 00:05:10
Yeah, so now that we sort of know what we’re doing, we’ve got a new plan. I’m just joking. I have no idea what I’m doing. It is literally all VE. So whatever his plan is, I’m right behind him.

V.E. Griffith 00:05:21
Well, in this case, I think it’s going to be some of the blind leading the blind. So it should be exciting.

Miss Catherine M.H. 00:05:26
Yeah, but a lot more conversations, a lot more interviews. I’m excited. Like I said, we have two really cool guest stars and I’m really annoyed. That you won’t let me even say a name. Can I say an initial? Can we do initials?

V.E. Griffith 00:05:40
No, that would give them away.

Miss Catherine M.H. 00:05:41
He’s no fun, guys. He’s no fun.

V.E. Griffith 00:05:45
Yeah, but you do a podcast with me every two weeks.

Miss Catherine M.H. 00:05:47
That is true. So I guess there’s some fun, but still, because he keeps me organized.

V.E. Griffith 00:05:52
Anyway, I think that pretty well covers it for episode 27. Once again, we really appreciate everybody’s support.

Miss Catherine M.H. 00:06:00
Yeah. Stay magical.

V.E. Griffith 00:06:00

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