E37 – Interview With Sacha Black About Villians

Show Notes In this episode, V.E. Griffith and Miss Catherine M.H. welcome guest Sacha Black to discuss the nuances of creating compelling villains in storytelling. Sacha emphasizes the importance of humanizing villains, challenging the notion of them as caricatures of pure evil. According to her, villains, like protagonists, need strong motivations and a connection to their past wounds. Furthermore, their […]

E36 – Theme and Story Hypothesis with J.P. Rindfleisch IX

Show Notes In this episode, Miss Catherine M.H. and V.E. Griffith talk again with J.P. Rindfleisch IX, this time about theme and his concept of Story Hypothesis. They discuss how to create a story hypothesis using Max Nief’s nine basic needs. Find J.P. on the internet:https://storyhypothesis.com MoviesToy Story (1995)Star Wars (1977) BooksThe Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (2008)Harry Potter (series) […]

E35 – Writing Prompts with Zack Jeffries?

Show Notes In this episode, hosts Miss Catherine M.H. and V.E. Griffith talk with Zack Jeffries about his new book “Break Through to ‘The End’”, a book of prompts that isn’t like your traditional writing prompts, designed specifically for neurodivergent writers but useful for anyone who finds traditional prompts difficult! Find Zack online!Book: Break Through to “The End”Tiktok: #zprompt or […]