E02 – Who is V.E. Griffith? (video, show notes, and transcript)

In this episode, Miss Catherine M.H. introduces her Revision Wizards co-host, V.E. Griffith. VE goes over his love of plotting his own fantasy stories and the use of Scrivener. As an editor, he enjoys helping writers understand their own writing better, and teaching them how to grow their craft. He’s always learning and growing as a writer and has some […]

E01 – Who Is Miss Catherine M.H.? (video, show notes, and transcript)

V.E. Griffith takes the time to introduce his co-host, Miss Catherine MH.  Catherine, a dyslexic ADHD writer goes over the genre and themes she uses, her writing journey, and why she became a Three Story Method Editor.  She also mentions some of her favorite books that impacted her writing career along with a controversial writing tip for others to try. […]